The Hindu New year Annual forcast 2022

Hindu New Year 1st April 2022 to 23rd March 2023 
Annual Forecast through Hindu New Year Chart


  • According to the Ascendant chart, this year will offer a great deal of hope and prosperity, as well as a resurgence of optimism among the general public.
  •  It is hoped that the people will see a modest increase in their income this time around.
  • Saturn, which is in the 8th house, is the year’s ruler, along with Mars, which is in the 8th house.
    A bad omen is also concealed behind this connection of two malefic.
  • This year’s stock market will experience several ups and downs, as well as a dramatic collapse due to the position of Saturn and Mercury on the surface.
  • This will be especially the case when Saturn is retrograde.
  • And the scenario of war and tension on the border will rise once more in the future.
  • However, the power of Jupiter helps to keep the public spirit alive.
  • There will be an exploration of new things, which will elevate mankind to a higher level and bring back a new sense of optimism and prosperity to the world.


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