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Many parents worry about their children’s futures (when they’re teenagers), they’re more concerned about which education is best for their child Because, in today’s world, time is money. In the career series, this article focuses on a career in the medical field.

It is, therefore, necessary for children to study for between 10 and 12 hours per day, learn medical terminology quickly and concentrate well in an attempt for them to be successful in the medical school entrance exam, and the promise of an excellent education that the child receives during his education period will be checked to make sure he or she can meet that goal.

Now I am going to discuss some parameters which are applied in education in the medical field (To check this, we will see whether all these things are indicated in the native’s chart in its ongoing planetary Dasha.) For  choosing  a specific subject, consider the fifth house along with connection of 6th disease, 8th (sudden mishap)  and  12th house  (Hospital) should be involved with the education giving area additionally a strong Jupiter which signifies Jeev Vigyan, science dealing with living beings like zoology or human anatomy (when under the technical influence) will come into play along with Ketu significate of a medical practitioner and the sun the father of such knowledge additional an affliction of the Moon by malefic

Six house  disease,  Moon(medicine),  ketu [anatomy]

Saturn , Mars , and Rahu and Ketu provide technical influence on the educational pattern

Where Moon , Venus,  Mercury and Jupiter if unaffiliated are showing non-, technical influence.

The following Rashi are technical in nature Aries,  Gemini ,  Leo , Virgo and Sagittarius Capricorn and Aquarius while the rest are nontechnical. Afflicted Moon because as a doctor one has to face other’s suffering and other’s pain.


6 March 1951, 01:40 hours at Delhi

First, let us see what planetary condition he got at the age of 14 to 20 .He went through Rahu Mahadasha till he was 23 years old, so let’s see if Rahu Mahadasha promised him medical education or not. Rahu is situated in the constellation of Jupiter in the Purva Bhadra Nakshatra, Jupiter in its own constellation, and in Aquarius, which according to the sage Varahamihira considers Jupiter as one of the best signs. In a fourth house Rahu along with the 5th Lord Jupiter,10th Lord Sun(career), and the 8th(mishap) and 11th Lord Mercury, So Rahu Mahadasha provides education in the medical line.

Now let us examine whether Moon has some malefic effect or not, Moon in a Ghandantha Nakshatra, Nakshatra Lord Mars is placed in the 5th house with exalted Venus which bestows good education quick learning skills, Mercury 5th lord With is the factor of intelligence and the 10th lord showed fit all the parameters in his chart. Venus-Mars conjunction in the 5th house The 6th Lord represents the house of disease, and Venus represents the 12th Lord’s house of the hospital. Jupiter Rahu conjunction is repeated in Navamsa and Dasamsa chart, Jupiter is the factor of biology, all living beings, and human anatomy, after that he gets Mahadasha of Jupiter for 16 years, two favorable Mahadasha gives him a good education And promises a good career in the medical field.

Case 2



During her adolescence, she received Saturn Mahadasha, which is the 5th Lord placed in the 10th House aspected by the 8th Lord Mars and in a friendly sign with Mercury and Venus, and Saturn exalted in Navamsa. Saturn Mahadasha also promises her an excellent education.

Now let us check that Jupiter debilitated retrograde Jupiter is considered a technical influence and goes well in its zodiac in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts hence Jupiter is also strong.

Now the moon is in a debilitated sign in a   Vishakha Nakshatra

, Jupiter’s Nakshatra, so the moon also indicates that all of the parameters apply in her chart, and after Saturn, she got Mercury Mahadasha Dasha of the 10th Lord, so she found two favourable Mahadashas that imply good education and profession.


In Ashwini and Satbhishakha nakshatras also, medical qualities, strong Mars make a person a good surgeon and Venus a gynaecologist, etc.


Along with that, we should look at what level of quality of life and professional accomplishment Raja Yoga implies for the individual and how Dhan Yog is obtained through the chart, among other things.

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