Akshaya Tritiya(some beneficial tips and tricks)

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day that is free from the impact of transiting planets. Akshaya Tritiya 2022 will be celebrated on 3rd May. Some tips and tricks of Indian culture to increase luck and prosperity We Indians use some auspicious days (Tithi) for this.Akshaya Tritiya is one of them.

You don’t have to wait for a specific time of day on this day to begin auspicious activities.

Astrologically, it is the most Auspicious day because both the Sun and Moon are exalted. To put it another way, the Sun is soaring through Aries today and the Moon is soaring through Taurus.

During Akshaya Tritiya, which is one of the luckiest and most pious festivals, new plans, weddings, significant investments like buying property or gold as well as any new beginning in general are blessed with good fortune.

“Akshaya” in the Sanskrit language means “essential, eternal, never diminishing” in the sense of “prosperity, hope, joy, success,” while “Tritiya” refers to the third. The third lunar day of the spring month Vaishakh in the Hindu calendar is the name of this festival.

Japa (Mantra chanting), Yagya (Homas), Tarpan (respecting one’s ancestors), and Daan (charity) on this day is said to have a long-lasting effect.

The most important thing in Akshaya Tritiya is that this time in Akshaya Tritiya, the Sun, which is the significator of the soul, is in‘Shubh Kartari (When auspicious planets are sitting on the 2nd and 12th from any planet), and the Moon, which is a factor of mind, has a good connection with 3-11 axis with exalted Venus and Jupiter in Pisces.

According to the Puranas, Yudhishthira had told Lord Krishna that he wanted to know the significance of Akshaya Tritiya. Therefore, Krishna told him that it was a very auspicious day. On this day, those who take bath early in the morning and do Japa, austerity, Homa, Yagya, the study of scriptures, Pitra-tarpan, charity, etc., get tremendous auspicious results.

What is your Ascendant and where is Pisces situated from the Ascendant, for example, Cancer ascendant Pisces is in the ninth house, activities related to the ninth such as chanting, meditation, or taking a dip in the river are very beneficial for them and if someone has a Virgo ascendant then the Pisces is in 7th house then for Virgo Ascendant it is good for you to start socializing in this Akshaya Tritiya, start a new thing, expand your business and so on.

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