Blessed with an early or delayed baby?

Vedic astrology is quite useful for predicting the child’s future pleasure and misery. According to the Parashari system of Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the karaka, or significator, of a child’s birth. In the Jaimini approach, the position of the Putrakaraka is assessed with reproduction in consideration. The Lagna and the fifth house/lord are also considered for progeny. Venus is associated with the power or vitality of sperm in men, while Mars is associated with eggs in women. Venus and the seventh house determine the reproductive organs in both male and female horoscopes.

The parameters for predicting a child’s birth are as follows.

1. Early or delayed childbirth is predicted by the 5th house and its lord in Rashi, Navamsha, and Saptamsha charts, depending on the sign of the ascendant.

2.The benefic plants influencing the 5th house/lord give early childbirth. The strong Jupiter and 5th house from it also promise early childbirth.

The timely Dasha of Jupiter, the 5th lord, the 9th lord, or the Lagna lord, is favorable for early childbirth.

The natural malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and the Sun cause a delay in childbirth if they are in connection with Jupiter and the fifth house/lord.

If the 5th house lord or 5th house is linked with the 12th house/lord then it also shows medical interventions in progeny

  1. If the 5th house/lord is linked with the 8th house/lord and also receives the aspect of Mars it indicates the death of a child, miscarriages, and abortions.
  2. If the fifth house and its lord are related to the sixth house and its lord, Saturn and/or Mars, it indicates that the parent-child relationship is not harmonious. It also indicates that the enemy of the former life may have reincarnated as the native’s offspring in order to settle their karma account during this incarnation.
  3. Therefore, if the fifth house and its lord are related to the twelfth house and its lord, then medical intervention should be sought.
  4. If the 5th house is under malefic influence, the Lagna lord is weak and poorly placed, and Jupiter is also in a weak position, it also suggests a refusal to conceive.
  5. Saturn and Mercury are associated with the 5th house/lord, while the connection of the 6th house/lord reveals adoption-related astrological combinations in a native’s birth chart.
  6. Saturn and Mercury are associated with the 5th house/lord and the connection of the 6th house/lord shows astrological combinations of adoptions in a native’s chart.
  7. so friends The fifth house, and fifth lord and its Nakshatra Lord indicates to us what kind of child will come in the life of the person, whether the previous birth an ally or Someone who has a debt of previous birth, that person can also come into a person’s life as a child, which is called ‘Runanubandhan’. which is shown through the 6th house of horoscope. or enemy of the previous life and along with it Navamsa and Saptamsa charts are also studied together.
  8. Example 

Having a child after 12 years of marriage 



As we can see that Ascendant and Panchmesh(5th lord) are in the 12th house hence medical intervention is indicated in this case. Now we’ll look at the fifth house from Jupiter. The fifth lord is the Sun from Jupiter, which is the close degree to Ketu. Jupiter Ketu is in conjunction with the Sun and Venus in the 10th house, even though Venus’s degree is less than those of Jupiter Ketu and the Sun. (so The Venus is less afflicted)

It shows that there are obstacles in the horoscope, but this is not denied because there are no other afflictions .and as per the Gemini system, Venus is  Putrakarka(significator of the child ) “

Kshetra Sphuta” (egg) is checked for women, and “Beeja Sphuta” is checked for men (sperm) This is something to figure out So in this case, the “kshetra Sphuta” sign for women is Virgo. The Virgo receiving the Saturn aspect leads to a delay. Now we see all this in Navamsa and Saptamansa(d-7) charts. The 5th Lord Mars is Vargottama along with Venus, which is Putrakaraka in the Gamini system, signifying a positive omen, and the natural karaka of children, Jupiter, in conjunction with Saturn in the 6th house, indicates the obstacle. Now let’s move on to the Saptamsha chart. Mars occupies the sixth house, which is unfavorable and aspected by the ascendant Lord Moon in  6-12 axis combo also shows medical intervention and some failed attempts; However, the ninth lord Jupiter in the Ascendant and Venus in his own zodiac sign, the Kshetra Sphoota(egg) in the third house, the Virgo is not well placed and does not suffer either. The chances of having children are indicative. She wed in 2007 and was blessed with a child in 2019 when Saturn-Venus Dasha comes. Venus is well placed in the d9 and d7 charts, and her wish came true.

And the dual transits of Jupiter and Saturn were also favorable at that time Jupiter was transiting through Scorpio and Saturn was transiting through Sagittarius, so one activated the 5th house, and the other activated the 5th lord respectively.

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