China’s running Dasha and its desire to become a world power

China’s economic crisis has become evident this year, and the country’s rising tension with Taiwan has also been a topic of conversation. But the question is whether China can endure war at a time when its economy is dealing with both an economic recession and a natural disaster, such as a drought. Is the economic slowdown going to be long-lasting, or will China recover from it? Let’s see through China’s planetary Dasha

Regarding China’s current economic situation and its aspirations to become a superpower, I will address the country’s horoscope in this article.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 USA had become the sole superpower in the world-dominating every domain (military, economy, diplomacy, sports, etc.). But since the recent COVID-19 Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war the superpower status of the USA has been challenged. China has never hidden its ambitions to become a superpower in the world over the last few years especially when it successfully organized Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Foundation Horoscope of China

The rising sign of Rashi, Capricorn (Makar), in China’s founding horoscope indicates that the country would be industrialized and highly pragmatic. The placement of the 7th lord (war & aggression) Moon and The lord of the 4th house (land) is Mars which aspect the Lagna and Moon both of which make it ambitious to occupy the land of other countries. The 10th lord Venus is in his own house which aspect the 4th house of land and here Venus is getting the aspect of the 4th lord Mars. China’s policy of expansion is amply clear from its foundation horoscope (1 October 1949, 15:15 hours at Peking).

How did China become a major power in Asia?

China occupied Tibet in the 1950s and later in 1962 it attacked India to occupy some areas of Laddhak. China had also attacked Vietnam in 1979 and had border clashes with it until 1991 when it was China who had to suffer more causalities and defeat. During that period China was under Maha Dasha of 12th lord Jupiter (1984 to 2000). But later it was the Maha Dasha of Saturn in the 8th house that made China the ‘factory of the word’ as most of the manufacturing units of the USA and Europe came to China for cheap labor and good production facilities. Saturn is in the 8th house showing the hidden strategy of China. In Navamsha Saturn is in the 6th house and in Dashamsha Saturn is in the 2nd house in its own sign which made China rich during the Dasha from 2000 to 2019.

Mercury Dasha of China – What does it foretell?

At this time, China has moved into the Mercury Mahadasha, which is the ninth sign in its own house and the sign that it governs. Nevertheless, because Mercury is currently in conjunction with Ketu, the Sun, and Gulik, China is experiencing economic difficulties and some degree of humiliation during the Mer-Ketu Dasha. This is because many countries, including the United States, believe that China secretly spread COVID-19. Mercury and Ketu are going through a challenging Dasha during the months of February 2022 and February 2023, and this is causing problems for the economy. According to news sources, China’s property sector is under pressure as land sales decline by 30%. (Refer link ]

Will China be able to recover from the current economic downturn?

According to the upcoming Venus sub-period in China’s horoscope, the nation’s economy will start to strengthen at this time. Venus is positioned in the second house of money in Navamsha, where it conjoins the fifth lord Sun to signify great ambitions. This placement is beneficial for Dhana Yoga and Venus also receives an aspect from the Moon while it is in Dashamsha. During the Mercury-Venus Dasha, which will span from the middle of February 2023 to the end of December 2025, China will experience considerable economic growth. This will set China on the path to becoming the world’s leading superpower. Venus will be in an advantageous position for the “Malavya Maha Purusha” yoga after February 2023, which denotes that China’s economy will start to rebound and get back on track at this time.

Due to the fact that Venus is AMK (Profession) and Jupiter is AK (Spirit), both planets are in their respective signs in the Lagna and Navamsa charts, both signifying their role in building China, and for America, opposing China will not be a simple task. Since China helps nations that are India’s neighbors and supplies them with weapons, so creating a condition of tension in India that prevents India from making progress, this situation will remain.

Transit of retrograde Saturn from 1st House, Jupiter’s Transit on Natal Rahu from 3rd House Both the planets aspecting 7th House and while Ketu Rahu transit in 4th and 7th House Mars long transiting in the 5th house As long as this transit persists China and Taiwan will remain in a state of warlike tension.


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