Income Growth and a Career change

A career is an important part of a person’s life. It shows how someone lives and what their social status is. Even though everyone wants to make more money, not everyone gets a raise or a promotion. Astrology can tell us when this will happen based on the current Dasha.

Attempting to comprehend it through astrology…

If a person receives a good Dasha and transit at the proper moment and the horoscope promises a favourable combination, a good 10th house connecting the 11th and 2nd houses, and these combinations recur in the bhava chart and Dashamsha chart, Shows the chance of a promotion and a pay raise. Along with this yoga Trikona(triangle) bhava (1,5,9 house of the chart), the ‘Lakshmi Sathan’ must be connected with ongoing Dasha.

There are many ways to look at a person’s horoscope in astrology to see how their career will grow. Even though the 10th house defines “Karma” in general, we can see the career from it by including the 7th house (business), which is the 10th from the 10th house according to the “Bhavartha-Bhavam” principle. Here are some important ways to tell if your career has gone well or not. If the Lagna and its ruler are involved in good Raja Yogas along with the 10th house, a person will be successful in the field he or she has chosen.

[If the 10th house/lord has a P.A.C. (Position, Aspect, and Conjunction) connection with the 2nd (wealth), 11th (gains), 5th (education), and/or 9th (luck) houses/lords, the native will get very good opportunities to grow in his/her career at the right time. If the lord of the 7th house has good relationships with the lords of the 2nd, 11th, 5th, and/or 9th houses, the native may do well in business. The Dhana Yogas and the Raja Yogas help you get ahead in your career. For your career to grow, you also need a strong “Chandra Kundali” and “Karakamsha Kundali.” But bad yogas like “Kemadruma Yoga,” “Shakata Yoga,” “Daridra Yogas,” “Dainya Yogas,” and sometimes “Sanyasa Yogas” can slow down the growth of a native’s career.]  

The timing of promotions or increments and job changes using transit to more precisely forecast when the event will occur.

She received a significant pay increase during the third week of April; let’s check through the ongoing Dasha that Dasha promises the event.

She was going through Rahu Mahadasha, Venus Anterdasha and Jupiter Pratyanter Dasha 

Numerous forms of events are conceived by Mahadasha Nath. Antardasha Nath creates the conditions for an event, and Pratyantar Dasha Nath brings it about; using transit, We can figure out when that thing will happen.

First and foremost, we will look at what is promising Lagna because all events in life occur in relation to Lagna; if the Lagna (ascendant) is powerful or under the auspicious influence, the person will make every effort to deal with the unfavourable conditions that occur to him/her.

2nd 6th and  10th houses are the house of earth Tikona house and the second lord Venus which is placed in the 6th house the house of service and AK(Atmakarka the highest degree planets represent our Soul equivalent to an ascendant lord ) also native was going through that Dasha and the aspected by Lagna Lord Mars placed in the house of Parakrama (efforts Mars in Ardra Nakshatra, the Mars assimilates of quality of Ardra, receiving the aspect of 9th lord Jupiter in this birth native going trough transformation it is Karakmansha Lagna also) the native has to put an effort to enhance not only to get dexterity in her work but also elevate her quality and also indicate the native will enhance her many quality in future. Now back to the topic her Pratyenter Dasha Jupiter was begun in-between  25 Dec to 20 May.

Rahu-Jupiter together in the 7th house (promotion, attainment of position)exchange their constellation gives strength to the planets. If we check the Pratyantar Dasha lord Jupiter we clearly see that in Navmansha Jupiter in Aquarius Sign along with Saturn and in Aquarius Sign Jupiter Act as Exalted as per Sage Varamihir.Jupiter the lord of 2nd and 5th (wealth and Laxmisthana) placed in Kendra indicating some positive and enhanced income and if we see through Dashmansha Chart then Sagittarius Sign rise in Ascendant  in Aquarius Sign the sign of gaining as per Lagna receiving the aspect of Laxmi Stana lord the triangle lord  show me all positive movement towards native now I am going to applied transit  

As Jupiter moved into Pisces on April 13, Saturn was in Capricorn, Mars and Venus were in Aquarius (the 11th house), and the moon was moving through Sagittarius, which is the house of luck. This meant that the MD-AD-PD Dasha was a good sign, and Jupiter’s movement gave its blessing to AD. Venus is the second ruler of wealth, and it is in the 11th house (gain) when it is in transit. This gives the native a good increase.

From May 20th on, her Rahu-Venus-Saturn Dasha began. Saturn the Pratyantar Dashanath, the 10th Lord, was in the 11th House in a retrograde position and in the Satbhisha Nakshatra. During this time, she lost interest in her current job and began looking for another good one. She found a new job easily, in the first week of June.

From May 20 on, her Rahu-Venus-Saturn Dasha will start. Started, Saturn the Pratyantar Dashanath, the lord of the 10th house, was in the 11th house in a retrograde position and in the Satbhisha Nakshatra. During this time, she lost interest in her current job and began looking for another good one. She found a new job in the first week of June.

Let’s figure out what it means through transit and dasha.

Because the 10th lord is retrograde in Satbhisha Nakshatra, the Nakshatra lord is Rahu, who is positioned in the 7th house (the house of achievement), and Navmansa and Dashmansa both, and Saturn Rahu Jupiter Mars make a triangle influence each other.

The lord of the sub-period Venus receives aspects from Jupiter and Mars, and Venus is in transit moving toward the Aries sign in Lagna, and Saturn is transiting through the 11th house above the natal Saturn, so all of the astrological influences are favourable to her profession.

The order of the Dasha and the relationship between the Lagna and its lord show our karmic pattern. The planets take on the qualities of the constellation in which they are situated, and we can improve our luck by working on this.

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