Retrograde Mars in Taurus

The planet Mars symbolises the qualities of leadership, initiative, anger, resolve, aggression, impulsiveness, competition, and tolerance. Mars is retrograde from 30 October 2022, which will remain retrograde till 12 January 2023. with most of that time spent in Taurus. Mars will return to Taurus on November 13. It’s a good time to break out of unhelpful routines, but you’ll get the most out of this transit if you focus the energy of Mars on productive endeavours, While Mars is in stability-seeking Taurus, our attention will be drawn to our finances and we may begin to prioritise our material comforts. Mars in Taurus is a great time to stand out for what we believe in and work tirelessly toward our material goals.

Mars represents action and vitality, and Taurus represents stability. Taurus desires riches and happiness craves possessions and enjoys fine cuisine.

Mars is the planet of rage, the polar opposite of the calm bull that does not charge unless provoked. As a result, when Mars is in Taurus, we should attempt to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

However, focusing Mars’ powers on useful endeavours, not rushing into anything, and practising patience will allow you to make the most of this transit. Feeling slow while working is quite upsetting, so be patient. Because Mars is retrograde, it is key to be patient with yourself and others.


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