sports success formula (Astrological examination of Cristiano Ronaldo and other famous footballers)

FIFA World Cup fever is in full swing, so an idea came to my mind, why not write an article on a successful sports career?

some people want to make a career out of sports. Not only should your horoscope help you decide on a career, but it should also show you where your money comes from.

Comparing and contrasting the astrological charts of Cristiano Ronaldo and other famous football players. The FIFA World Cup 2022 has started with some surprising results. Argentina Lost to Saudi Arabia and Japan defeated Germany to give surprises.

The defending champion France has defeated Australia and Denmark both very easily thanks to his superstar Kylian Mbappe’s goals in both matches. However, other big stars like Eden Hazard captain of Belgium has disappointed as his team lost to  Morocco.  The tournament has now come alive with some exciting matches coming for Quarterfinal between 16 teams and then the semifinal between 4 teams. The final will be held on 18 December in Qatar.

Jupiter not only makes you a good sportsperson but also will make you fat

In this post, we will analyze the horoscopes of some of the superstars of world football who are playing in this tournament. For a career in sports, the connection between the 3rd house (velour) with Lagna and/or 10th house/lord is seen. The lord of Lagna should be stronger than the 6th house which is the house of enemies and competition. Even though Mars, Mercury, and the sixth house play the most important roles, adding Jupiter to this mix makes a person a very good player and a well-known player. Let’s see if these parameters work in the chart of modern-day football super starts.

Case 1. Cristiano Ronaldo

5 February 1985, 05:25 hours at Funchal Portugal. 

            Longitude: 32N 38′ and Latitude:  16W 54


Team: Portugal

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain of the football team. At the age of 37, he is regarded as one of the best players in the world and is participating in his last FIFA world cup. In the last world cup in 2018 his team couldn’t perform well but this time they have entered into Quarterfinal.

We can see that the Lagana lord and the 10th lord, Mercury, are in the 2nd house with the 9th lord, the Sun. This means that name, fame, and luck are all in the house of wealth, which is a good thing. The moon is in the cancer sign in Ashlesha Nakshatra, and when Ashlesha gets a good aspect, the person is devoted to their desired field and knows how to eliminate the opponent. Now let us go on to Mercury and Mars. The 5th and 6th lord combination in the 4th house impart sharp and competitive energy to the 10th house, and Mars became exalted in the Dashmansa chart.

When we look at Saturn, the planet of natural karma, we see that Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the Moon are in trine with each other, affecting each other. The rule of success is to labor with devotion, which is indicated by Saturn in Anuradha and went in the second pada of Navmansha getting favorable influence.



Case 2. Lionel Messi

             24 June 1987, 20:30 hours at Rosario , Argentina

Longitude: 60 W 39′ and Latitude: 32S 57′ 


Team: Argentina

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Lionel Messi is the captain of the Argentina football team. He has scored three goals so far and his team has also entered the Quarterfinal of the tournament. In the year 2014, his team reached into final of the tournament but lost to Germany. In 2018 Argentina performed badly but this year team appears to be in good form.

name Fame wealth all shows in his chart strong Mercury and Mars good combination.  Lagna lord and 10th Lord along with the strong Moon. Mercury and Mars exchange their sign in Navmansa and 10th and Lagna lord in also Kendra to each other.

Success in the desired sports career is indicated by creating a profession out of one’s interests and having a favorable wealth combination with it in one’s horoscope.

Case 3. Neymar

5 February 1992, 02:15 hours at Mogi Das Cruzes, Sao Paulo Brazil 

23S 31′ and 46W 11′ 


Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari: Rahu 17 years 7 months 12 days 

Team Brazil

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Brazil was the champion in the 2002 FIFA world cup but since then they have been disappointed in the tournament despite being the favorite to start with. Neymar is their key player in goal scoring line-up.

Hence the above mentioned parameters are well applicable in his horoscope and also in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts there is good PAC(position ,aspect ,conjunction)conection between Mars and Mercury.

The close conjunction of Saturn and Mercury with the tenth lord Sun provides the ability to work with concentration and sports concentration and take the quick action necessary for success.

If Panchamesh(5th lord) has P.A.C relation with 10th lord or house and gets other benefic aspects then personal interest becomes a profession or whatever field a person chooses he/she will get success in that field.




Case 4. Horoscope of Hugu Lloris

26 December 1986, 16: 15 , Nice ,  France


Balance of Dasha : Rahu 15 years 2 months 22 days

Team: France

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

France was the champion of the FIFA world cup 2018 and they are now defending their title. Hugo Lioris is the goalkeeper and captain of the team. His team is in the best form at present with strikers scoring at curtailed times and Hugo Lloris defending the goalpost from opposition attacks.

the strong 5th and 6th house the 5th Lord Venus own sign receiving the aspect of 10th Lord Jupiter from 9th house so indicating the desirable choosen field lead to successful career and the 6th lord Mars with 10th lord jupiter and good Dhan(wealth) yog made in 5th house, indicating the source of income.




Case 5. Horoscope of Eden Hazard

7 January 1991, 12:05 hours at La Louviere , Belgium 

Longitude: 4E 11’ and Latitude: 50N 28’


Team: Belgium

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Belgium is the world number 2 team at FIFA ranking but they had failed to qualify in the Quarter final of the tournament. Eden Hazard is the captain of this team who’s chart is given above.

Rahu in the 11th house gives good results if it gets good aspects and other parameters are also applicable in its chart.

Case 6. Kylian Mbappe

          20 December 1998, 01:47 hours in Paris, France

48N 52’ and 2E 22’


Team France

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Astrological Yoga's for a career in sports

Kylain Mbappe has scored 5 goals so far in the FIFA world cup 2022 and is the top contender to win ‘Golden Boot award in the tournament. At the age of 24, he is now regarded as the best player on the planet who is the most prolific striker who can rattle the defense of any team in the world.

Sign exchange between Ascendant Mercury and 3rd lord Mars, forming a strong combination on the Dashamsha chart. The five planets influencing the 10th house of Lagna make the very strong 10th House. this combination repeat in Dashmansha (d-10)chart also stronger than the ascendant chart.

The power to make swift decisions in a precise moment is bestowed by the sign exchange between Lagna lord and 10th lord mercury with 3rd lord Mars and strong 10th house.



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