amazing result of tarot card pattern

I’ll share one incident of some of my most memorable tarot card readings with you all dear readers

I had predicted to her that after 22nd May 2021 someone may enter her life there is a possibility of a relationship. But no one showed up until mid-May. I don’t recall the specific day, but it was around the middle of May when she called me and asked about an upcoming meeting.

She was anxious about the coming meeting because it was with someone she didn’t like; he was a married man, and she had recently divorced. He expressed his interest in her and she was offended.

So she wanted me to pull the tarot card and advise her about the prophecy and what she should do, whether she should go to the meeting or send someone else.

Therefore, I gave the deck a quick shuffle before spreading it out and selecting three cards at random from a total of 78. The cards I chose were the ace of pentacles, the ace of cups, and the five of wands.

I pondered for a while and made the decision that she should go since the card indicates a fresh chance is coming her way, which is beneficial for business growth.

Nonetheless, there is something that has caught me off guard, and it has done more than just show me the direction of the business; it also creates an impression that could lead to future conflicts and attractants.

So I encouraged her, ‘You should go to this meeting, don’t worry about anything, it may be fortunate for you, whatever occurs will happen on an emotional level.’

Although I gave her advice based on what the cards have shown, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is that card showing me the proper guidance?”

She called me after two or three days. She told me that she had feelings for him, although she was totally against the idea of dating a married man. But man also has a hard time with his marriage. He has a psycho wife, and he told her all about his troubles. At that moment, his wife called, and he put her call on speaker. She was shocked by what she heard, and she knew he was telling the truth.

Common marital pains brought them closer, and though they experienced numerous challenges after that, each one just strengthened their bond after some time apart.

Your Dasha sequence or tarot card pattern shows what kind of event you have to face, sometimes it is gradual and sometimes it is sudden.

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