Industrialist Vs Businessman – Difference explained astrologically

It today’s materialist world every businessman has become highly ambitions and money minded. They want to mint money but do not generally have any vision to serve the society. But then there are few like Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Narayana Murthy etc. who are great philanthropists with good intention to give back to the society. These people are industrialist in true sense as they share a large part of their wealth with the needy in society through various charities.

In this post i will discuss some astrological combinations which make a rich person charitable in nature and prompt him to work for the welfare of poor. On the contrary i will also discuss yogas for making one a greedy and money minded businessman who’s desires are always never-ending throughout life.

  1. Jupiter is the karaka for charity and benevolence. Moon is the Karaka for compassion and soft  caring nature. If Jupiter is pure and not afflicted by any malefic then it make one soft hatred charitable person.
  1. Jupiter in Kendra from Moon or Jupiter giving aspect to the 10th house from lagna and Moon make one do lots of social service.
  1. Good Dhana Yoga involving 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses/lords should be present in the horoscope of industrialist. A strong lagna and 10th house/lord make an industrialist determined and successful. A good 9th house shows charitable nature of an industrialist.
  1. On the contrary if there are good Dhana Yoga’s but Jupiter is under affliction by malefic planets then industrialist become  greedy.
  1. Jupiter, Moon or Moon sign lord or lagna lord in the influence of malefic planets gives one bad image of money minded businessman.

Case A .  

Horoscope of Bill Gates

              28 October 1955, 22:00 hours at Seattles, Washington DC , USA

horoscope of Bill Gates

In his Cancer lagna chart there are good Dhana Yoga’s. Notice 9th lord Jupiter in the 2nd house. Moon is in the 9th house in good Raja Yoga with mutual aspect from Mars. His Jupiter is pure and aspect the 10th house from lagna and Moon.

Case B 

Horoscope of  Ratan Tata 

28 December 1937, 06:30 hours at Mumbai, Maharashtra

horoscope of Ratan Tata

In his Dhanu lagna horoscope Sun and Mercury are making good Raja Yoga and Dhana Yoga along with Venus in lagna. Jupiter is pure and is in good Gaja kesari yoga. He has good image of a charitable industrialist because of pious Jupiter and Moon.

Case C 

Horoscope of Mukesh Ambani 

19 April 1957, 19:47 hours at Aden, Yemen 

horoscope of Mukesh Ambani

He is the richest man in India Mr. Mukesh Ambani having a great Dhana Yoga and Raja Yoga in the 7th house of his Tula lagna chart. But then notice an afflicted Jupiter which get the bad aspects from both Saturn and Mars. Jupiter is also here the Moon sign lord. How come he may get a good image of a charitable industrialist when such afflicted Jupiter is present here ?         

Case D

Horoscope of  Gautam Adani

24 June 1962, 05:15 hours at Ahmadabad, Gujarat

horoscope of Gautam Adani

The case of Mr. Gautam is very interesting  as here Jupiter and Moon are in good Gaja Kesari yoga. But then notice the affliction by Rahu-Ketu on the lagna lord Venus, Moon sign lord and 9th lord Saturn. Here the lagan lord, Moon sign lord, 9th lord and 10th lord are all under influnce of Rahu-Ketu. Mars from the 12th house afflict his lagna lord Venus. He is known for capturing business deals by his closeness with a political party. He is not much known for his charity or philanthropy like Mr. Ratan Tata and Bill Gates.

One thing is common in all four horoscopes, the Lagna is related to the 10th or 9th house. Lagnesh is involved in Raj Yoga.

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