One-sided love or instability in a Relationship

Every human being has a profound need to love and be loved.

Though there are various explanations for why some individuals never fall in love, the fact remains that not everyone enjoys a wonderful love tale.

There are many reasons behind this like sometimes love relationships are not made in someone’s life because they have high expectations.

However, sometimes people wait for the “precise moment” and “right person” to find a spouse who is a good intellectual and personal fit, but they never find either.

And many times, a person is drawn to someone who is better than them and attempts unsuccessfully to get him/her into their life, despite the fact that he/she is not interested in them.

Sometimes an ordinary person finds a very extraordinary and superior person. There are so many stories that it is impossible, to sum up.

Now, first of all, I am going to take the example of one-sided love.


(In Rahu Dasha, at the age of 19 during her college years, she falls in love, as Rahu is not in a favourable position for love-relationships in the horoscope, because Rahu is in the 6th house in Purvashada Nakshatra, Venus is in its own Nakshatra Purvaphalguni, and Rahu, Venus, and Mars are in Trikon to each other and the aspecting moon.)

The above combination with Mercury in the Lagna leads the person to remain in his/her imaginative world as the Navamsha also repeats this combination as Rahu is in the fixed zodiac in the D-9 chart, with Mercury in the 8th and Moon in the 1-7 axis she never fully recovers from the first crush.

“As you progress through life, the lessons you’ve learned from it, both the positive and the terrible, will have a profound impact on who you  become.”

The second case –“instability in Relationship”

For example, if we look at this chart, Moon and Lagna lord are sitting in the 1st house, Moon and Lagna

chart is the same, Moon, Venus and Mercury are conjunct together and we looked at the 5th house, then the 5th Lord Saturn is afflicted by 8th lord Mars, hence love break is indicated, as shown in Kanya Lagna chart Shani is also the lord of 6th house and Mars is also lord of 8th house which is showing struggling from love affair.

But due to aspect of Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury being trine to each other in the fifth house, she gets the grace of saving and she is full of new ideas.

As fifth house represents past accumulated karma, play important role whether you will take right decision or wrong, right person will come in your life or will bump into the wrong person it depends on running dasha of kundli.

Relationship failure can also result from a person’s unrealistic expectations of themselves, such as when they fall for an attractive, charismatic, intelligent type of perfect personality or desires the perfect personality but, in reality, self is a fairly average person. perhaps they are just not paying attention because they want something or someone that is out of their reach.

Venus Ketu conjunction sometimes creates unrealistic desires in the person they sometimes look for the perfect partner which is difficult to achieve.

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