Sade Sati and the Myth(What is Sade Sati carrying in its bag?)

Sade Sati

Sade Sati is like a dark cloud looming over one’s head, casting a shadow of fear and uncertainty. It’s like a stormy sea, with waves of anxiety and stress crashing against the shore of one’s mind. Some believe it’s like a curse, a black mark on one’s destiny, while others see it as a test of strength and resilience, like a marathon that one must endure to reach the finish line. Regardless of one’s perspective, Sade Sati is like a riddle that challenges one’s understanding of life and fate. What kind of treasures does Sade Sati have in its bag, like a mysterious traveler with a sack full of secrets? According to Vedic astrology, this is a difficult time for the individual experiencing it. There might be numerous obstacles in a person’s life. If Moon is placed in unfavourable houses, the individual may have to face the obstacles that this unfavourable placement indicates. Despite the fact that the Astrology Sade Sati era is difficult, it is not necessarily harmful, and many people accomplish great success during this time. During Sade Sati, for instance, Jawaharlal Nehru, Trump, and Modi all became heads of state.

Saturn, the planetary ruler of maturity, responsibility, and discipline, will reveal the fruits of a person’s labours and habits. For those who have been self-disciplined and diligent in their pursuits, now is the time to see the rewards of Shani. The biggest obstacles that Sade Sati faced at this period, and how one handled them.

People with different moon signs feel the effects of Sade Sati in different ways. Sade Sati is considered to have no negative effects on Aquarius and Capricorn people, but it has the most negative effects on Leo people because Shani views the Sun, the lord of Leo, to be his enemy.

But from my point of view, everything depends on the strength of the moon and the current Dasha.

The best way to answer this question is to look at a person’s birth chart and how the planets line up.

The traditional way to figure out when Sade Sati starts and ends

Sade Sati starts when Saturn moves into the sign right before the Moon’s sign at the time of the person’s birth. That is, if the person was born when the Moon was in Gemini, Sade Sati will begin when Saturn moves into Taurus. Sade Sati will last until Saturn moves through this sign, the sign of birth, and the sign that comes after it. Saturn stays in each sign for about 2 and a half years. It takes about 7 years and a half to cross all three of these signs. That’s why we call it “Seven and a Half,” or “Saadhesati.”

In traditional Indian Vedic astrology, which is based on the SIDEREAL zodiac instead of the tropical one, the Saturn transit is the only one that has to do with emotions and thoughts. In this way, it is the only transit that has an effect on how people feel. Sade Sati starts when the Moon moves through the asterism 45 degrees before the position of the natal moon and ends when Saturn moves through the asterism 45 degrees after the position of the natal moon.

Sadhesati is a dedicated period of paying off previous karmic debts. Depending on a person’s birth chart, it can bring them success and help them reach new heights, or it can destroy their material life in order to help them grow spiritually. It could also be moderate and have a variety of effects. It all depends on the person’s birth chart and how the planets are moving at the time.

All we can say is that we want life to go smoothly, we don’t want to work hard, and things happen easily, which doesn’t happen in Sade Sati, Shani makes you work hard, and Shani brings challenges in your life in different ways. For which you have no choice and you have to work on it, that thing bothers you and in these 7 and a half years your transformation happens, you become more mature and if you keep it positive and Worked on yourself, it will give you a very positive change.


The planetary positions in our horoscopes and the current Dasha have a direct impact on how Sade Sati functions for us. The role of Sade-Sati is to bring new challenges into your life and you may have to work continuously. This may cause anxiety and work pressure for people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will ruin their career and their lives. If the Dasha is favourable, people will make more wise decisions during Sade Sati to help them advance in their careers.

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