New moon chart and stock market trends

The Mercury is the karaka of trading in the stock market. In financial astrology the transit of Mercury is carefully studied for giving forecast on the short term trends of stock market. When Mercury get under the influences of some malefic planets then it may give volatile trends in the stock exchange. At the time of my writing this post the BSES is at 28,892 and the NSE is at 8939 which is a pretty good number considering the fact that last week the world bank has issued an estimate of India’s GDP to be around 6.6 % for the fiscal year 2016-2017 due to the bad impact of demonetization.


The stock market ‘Pandit’ are giving their forecast for bullish trends in March month but the planets are indicating towards a volatile market. See the given below fortnight chart cast for the New Moon of 26th of February.


1. In the New Moon horoscope the rising sign is Virgo who’s lord Mercury is falling in the 6th house along with luminaries (Sun and Moon) and Ketu. This is a surest indication of profit booking and buying-back in a very surprise manner.

2. Mercury conjoined with Ketu, Sun and Moon gives volatile trends in the stock market.

3. Venus the karaka of stock index is conjoined with 8th lord Mars here. Venus is exalted and in mutual opposition with Jupiter the Karaka of finance. This also indicates lots of ups and down in the market during the coming 15 days.

4. In Bhava Chalit the Jupiter moves into the 2nd house which will eventually give some stability to the stock market towards the end of this fortnight.

Later Mercury moving into the Pisces sign on the 11th of March will give some rise in the stock market. I will write a separate post on the effect of Mercury on the stock market in the second half of March 2017.

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