Hindu new year chart 2017 and Indian scenario

The Hindu New Year chart or the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscope is an ancient technique of mundane astrology (Medini Jyotish) for predicting the general trends for a particular country for a period of 12 months. The Hindu New Year starts from the first day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada when both Sun and Moon are at the same degrees in Pisces (Meena) rashi. The Pisces New Moon or Hindu New Year chart is one among the 24 lunar charts cast for a period of one year. The 12 new Moon and the 12 full Moon charts are cast in a year to give both short and long range predictions. The Rishies   must have observed over a period of time that among these the Pisces New Moon is the most important. Thus the trend of observing Hindu New Year may have started.

This year the Hindu New Year will start on the 28th of March 2017 at 08:27 hours Delhi (IST). The king of the year will be Mars and minister of the year is Jupiter. The following are the important features of Hindu New Year horoscope.

  1. The 3rd and 6th lord Mercury in the ascendant along with Mars shows problem at border areas. There will be lots of border clashes between Indian and Pakistani army this year.
  1. The Mars in the ascendant also shows very tough stand of the government against the corrupt and illegal activities. The Modi government will carry its fight against corruption to the next level.
  1. The 9th lord Jupiter in the 6th receiving the aspect of Saturn is a combination of disputed with Judiciary and religious troubles. The Ayodhya Ram temple issue will be a matter of concern.
  1. The 2nd lord Venus exalted in the 12th house receiving the aspect of Jupiter is good for foreign investments. In Bhava Chalit Venus goes into the 11th house which is also very good. There will be lots of foreign investments this year and reforms in banking sectors will also be very fruitful.
  1. The Sun and Moon falling in the 12th house is not a welcome thing. The luminaries are also afflicted in the Navamsha chart. So there will be trouble for some big ministers of Modi government.
  1. The Saturn transiting from Sagittarius may bring less than normal rainfall this year. There will also be less production of crude oil thus the price of petrol, diesel  and LPG will be on the hike.


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