Does Chandra Kundali destroy the good yoga’s of lagna Kundali ?

The Sage Parashara in his monumental work Bhriat Parashara Hora Shastra has given a separate chapter on the yogas from Chandra Kundali.  In the ‘Chandra Yoga Adhaya’ the Sage Parashara has clearly mention that the yogas from the Moon should be seen first as they many a times destroy the good Yogas in the lagna Kundali. A bad Yoga such as Kemadruma or Sanyasa Yoga in the Chandra Kundali (Moon Chart) can weaken  the Raja Yogas  present in the birth chart. The Moon is the Karaka of mind and it is also called the  seed of the horoscope. It is our mind which experience the state of happiness and sorrow. So if the Moon is weak and/or in a bad yoga in any horoscope the person will not feel contented and happy despite all the wealth in his possession.

When the Moon is weak in ‘Paksha-Bala’ and is afflicted by malefic planets then it may makes a person depressed. An afflicted Moon many a time makes a person restless and miser. Such person may be holding wealth and property due to the presence of Raja Yoga’s in his/her chart but he/she will not be able to enjoy these luxuries due to poor state of his mind. Heavy affliction on Moon by malefic such as Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu also makes a person pron to mental illness. Now i will give a plain interpretation of couple of cases of my close once’s to explain the concept discuss above. The birth details and horoscope has not been given in these cases to keep confidentiality.  I have very closely observed this in many cases that a bad Chandra Kundali does make the Raja Yoga’s in birth chart weak and less effective.

Case 1. In the Vrischik (Scorpio) lagan chart of a male native the Moon is in Taurus along with Mars and Saturn in a good Raja Yoga from the lagna. The Moon is 9th lord here along with 4th lord Saturn which gave him very good wealth and properties. The lagna and 6th lord Mars in this combination makes him obsessed to possess more land and money. The depositor of Moon is Venus which is badly placed in the 6th house from lagna and 12th from Moon.

The Moon is in the 6th house from Jupiter, which is in Dhanu (Sagittarius) in the second house, which makes ‘Shakata Yoga’. The Shakata yoga is formed when Moon and Jupiter are in the 6/8 from each other and Jupiter should be in house other then Kendra (Square). This is the perfect case of ‘Shakata Yoga’ and Moon here is also weak in the Paksha Bala. The native does not spend anything on his personal growth and is still unmarried at the age of 44. He lives very ordinary life despite having good wealth.

Case 2. In the Cancer lagna chart of  a male native the Moon is in Makar (Capricorn) and the lagna lord Saturn is in Cancer making a good exchange of lagna and 7th house. However, The Moon is in Kemadruma Yoga as there is no planet in either side of it. But the Jupiter comes in the 4th house from Moon which makes him generous in nature. The Mars and Ketu are in the 5th from Moon i.e. in the 11th house from ascendant. He has got Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 2nd house from lagna in the Leo sign receiving the aspect from 5th lord Mars and the 9th lord Jupiter making a great Dhana Yoga.

However, the native possess only decent wealth and a house as the Kemadruma Moon make this chart a bit weak. There is no major yoga from the Moon. The Sun, Venus and Mercury falls in the 8th from Moon which is also a weakness. The Kemadruma Moon in the 7th house receiving the aspect of its Rashi lord Saturn makes him bit critical and choosy in  nature. At the age of 42 he is still unmarried despite having a good personality. The Kemadruma Moon receiving the aspect of its Rashi lord makes it more dangerous is what i have found in many cases.

Case 3. In an Aries (Mesha) lagna horoscope  the Mars is exalted in the 10th house along with Ketu. The Saturn and Jupiter are in the 6th house at the same degrees. The Sun and Mercury are in the 9th house (Sagittarius) at similar degrees. The Moon is in Libra and its depositor Venus is badly placed in the 8th house. The depositor of Moon is receiving the aspect of Saturn from the 6th house and no other planet is giving aspect to it. It is a kind of ‘Sanyasa Yoga’. When the depositor of Moon is receiving the aspect of Saturn but no other planet then it gives detachment and/or depression like feeling. In this case the native has strong desire to get married but he is unable to do so. He is also not settle in his career even at the age of 36  and having financial troubles. The weak Moon in Paksha Bala and the afflicted depositor of it is the main cause of it. Despite having a good ‘Ruchaka Yoga’, as Mars is exalted in the 10th house, the native is not yet settle in his career.

Case 4. In the Aries lagna horoscope the Ketu is in ascendant and Jupiter is in the 2nd house. The Moon and Saturn are in the 4th house which is good yoga. The Sun and Venus are in the 5th house in a good Raja Yoga. The Mars and Mercury are in the 6th house receiving the aspect of Jupiter. She was born in a well to do family. But since there is no benefic in Kendra from lagna and Moon she went into depression. She fall in love with a boy who married someone else. She was unable to get out of her obsession and kept herself in relationship with him. There is no benefic in Kendra from Moon as well as from the lagna. It didn’t let her desires full -filled.

From the above four examples we can understand this that a weak ‘Chandra Kundali’ can make the Raja Yogas from lagan very weak. This condition can make a person fall into obsession and/or depression depending upon other planetary position. The Moon chart has to be analysis with other things such as birth chart and Bhava Chailt for a comprahansive analysis.