Erratic South-West Monsoon expected in 2017 : An astrological overview

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a normal monsoon for the season from June to September this year. The south-west monsoon clouds has already hit the Kerala coast and they have also reached the North Eastern part of country. Earlier in a press release on the 18th of April the the IMD has forecast 96% of rainfall for the long period average. However, astrologically we are expecting an erratic monsoon season this year.

The following are they key indicators which shows the astrological possibility of an erratic monsoon rain which will bring less rain in June and later heavy rainfall from 16th of July to 30th of August.

Mars ahead of Sun

It is a classical principal of Hindu astrology that Mars transiting ahead of Sun bring less rain and more heat during the summer season. Now look at the Vrishabha Samkranti or Solar Ingress of Sun’s chart given here.

Solar Ingress of Taurus 

14-May-2017 at 22:57 hours at Delhi 

Vrishabha Samkranti 2017

In the Vrishabha Samkranti chart the Mars is ahead of Sun. However, since the Jupiter, Venus and Moon are in Kendra so the monsoon clouds have come on time in Kerala. There will be some good rain in the first week of June at some places but later the monsoon express will start slowing down.

Ardra Pravesh horoscope 2017

Ardra Pravesh of Sun 

22 June 2017 at 05:08 hours , Delhi 

Ardra Pravesh Horoscope 2017

In the Ardra Pravesh horoscope for year 2017 the Gemini (Mithuna) lagna is rising. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are at the ascendant. The hard malefic and dry planets in the ascendant shows heat and less rain in the first half of monsoon season.

Sun’s entry into Gemini 

15 June 2017 at 05:33 hours , Delhi 

Mithuna Samkranti 2017

The Moon is in Taurus in the Ardra Pravesh chart receiving the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn showing erratic rainfall. The Jupiter is a watery planet and Saturn is an airy planet as per astro-meteorology.

The monsoon clouds will reach late in Northern and Western parts of the country as per the planetary indicators in the Ardra Pravesh chart.

Karka Samkrani and heavy rain after mid July

Solar Ingress of Cancer 

16 July 2017 at 16:25 hours, Delhi 

There will be remarkable improvement in the rainfall after 16th of July when Sun will enter into Karka or Cancer sign. In the Karka Samkranti chart the lagan lord Mars and Sun in watery sign Cancer shows heavy rains. The Moon is also in a 100% watery sign Pisces receiving the aspect of Jupiter showing good rainfall from 16th of July to 16th of August in particular. There will be floods in the central parts of India specially in Madhya Pradesh signifies by sign Cancer. Delhi-NCR signifies by Scorpio will also get heavy rains after 16th of July and so is the Mumbai which is ruled by Pisces.

Sun in Leo and slow down of monsoon

Solar Ingress of Leo 

17 August 2017 at 00:50 hours, Delhi 

The Sun moving into Leo shows some rain after 16th of August. But when Mars will also join Sun in Leo on the 27th of August then these two fiery planets will slow down the pace of south-west monsoon in most parts of the country.

Solar Ingress of Virgo 

17 September 2017 at 00:41 hours , Delhi 

Solar ingress of Virgo 2017

Later the south-west monsoon clouds will bring some good rain in the second half of September in Chattishgarh and Bihar. This is called ‘Hathiya’ rain as the Sun comes in the Hasta Nakshatra in Virgo sign.

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