What indicate Mithun(gemini) samkranti- heavy rain filthy politics ,share market

The horoscope of Sun’s entry into a new sign is of great importance along with the lunar horoscopes ( Poornima and Amavasaya Kundali’s) to give predictions in mundane astrology. Weather, economy, political scenario, social matters etc. are forecast on the basis of these charts along with the horoscopes of nations.

This month Sun will enter into Gemini (Mithun Rashi) on 15th of June at 11:37 hours IST. The rising sign will be Leo under the aspect of Mars,saturn  from the 6th house which is conjoined with malefic Ketu and 5th house which occupied Saturn respectively   This shows some violence and aggression. Sun and Saturn will be in opposition so the people will start becoming bit angry against the central government. The discontentment in farmers and laborers will be a concern for the BJP led central government. Sun -Venus position in Navmansa show some filthy politics in the days to come.

The Sun-Saturn opposition and Mars-Ketu venus–rahu opposition indicate erratic monsoon rain. Due to Saturn in fiery sign Sagittarius in opposition with Sun the temperature will increase in north Indian states from 15th of June onward. On the other hand Mars in watery sign Capricorn and Venus also in a watery sign Cancer in mutual opposition will give good rains in many parts of the country  specially in Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh ,  heavy rain also seen .

The prices of shares will under go ups and down many a times due to Moon-Mercury conjunction in 11th house  getting aspect from Jupiter  in the Mithuna Samkranti horoscope. But in navmansa Saturn, Venus, Mercury ‘s  connection indicate   profit booking which will bring market goes down .  Jupiter giving aspect to the luminaries (Sun and Moon ) shows that central government will launch new schemes for poor to gain popularity. There will be more expenditure on social sector to woo the voters for coming elections.

India will also spend lots of money in buying ammunition and new weapons due to Mars-Ketu-Venus and Saturn-Sun connection.


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