Chances of BJP in 2019 General Election

After the big political defeat in Karnataka the ruling BJP at the center has set itself up in election mode. In the month of November 2018 there will be the assembly elections in four states and later general elections are schedule to be happen in 2019. However, the  BJP foundation chart indicates that upcoming election will not be easy for them. At present  the  Moon mahadasha is running  in the  BJP’S foundation chart.  Moon is 2nd lord debilated in 6th house getting the aspect by 6th lord Mars and 5th lord  Venus, may be this time BJP party will have to ally with other parties to form a coalition government as NDA will not get the 272 seats required for majority in 2019  .The elections in 2019 may not give full majority to BJP like like it was last time in 2014.

The dasha of Kemadruma Moon of BJP will give them lots of strife from its alliance partners. The Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, JDU etc. are already at loggerhead with them on the issue of seat sharing in the general elections. More trouble will come as the elections will approach near. However, the Moon-Mars period starting from 15th of February 2019 shows some gains for the BJP. Mars the 11th lord will give their election campaign lots of aggression, energy and attacking power to destroy the image of opposition leaders. The Mars sub period in the horoscope of BJP starting from February 2019 will ensure that they will come back into power but with much reduce majority and there will be lots of bitterness in the campaign for general elections and the dirty political tricks which no one would have ever imagined in India politics.

Horoscope of BJP

6 April 1980, 11:45 at Delhi. 

Prediction about the General Elections in 2019

Now come to the foundation chart of India in  2019, during the election time Moon –Rahu and Moon -Jupiter dasha will be going on, which astrologically shows  peoples discontentment  with the  BJP’s governance because they made lots of promises but eventually all appear to be’ Chunawi Jumla’ (election rhetoric ) .

Foundation Chart of India 

15 August 1947, 00:00 hours at Delhi

predictions about General Elections in 2019

The Rahu is illusion which has shadow the ascendant of India showing the confusion among the people- If not Modi then who else? is the question every one will be thinking. The next sub period will be of Jupiter which as the 8th lord placed in the 6th house shows some religious dispute and a huge political controversy  which erupt in days to come. So may be BJP has to play their ‘ace of spade’ like Ram Mandir and other dirty tricks to polarize votes in their favor in the general elections of 2019. This will give Indian public a doze of filthy political drama through all forms of media in next few months.

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