Rahu create illusion poisoned mind

Why in India violence ,corruption ,rapes,communal riots are increasing in the last  couple of years ? Does astrology help us to understand this kind of situation ? Lets began to understand as per astrologically reasons …….
Moon-rahu dasha going on since February 2017 in the foundation chart of India. Rahu in the lagna not getting any benefic aspect even in Navmansa and Dashmansha Rahu placed in the 12th house,  Kendra Trikona are empty . In the Bhava chart Sun and Jupiter moves in 4th and 7th house respectively which is controlling the  negativeness but only to limited extend .
Rahu is shadowy planet and its effects are mostly evil, transit of rahu these days in 3rd house of foundation chart of India in Cancer at its natal position getting the aspect by Mars from the 9th house shows religious tensions. Venus and  Mercury receiving evil effect of conjunction with Rahu and aspected by Mars . Rahu creates illusion , poisoned mind , snatched wisdom , pervert mind , hypocrisy etc.

The 9th and 10th lord Saturn transit in 8 house so dharma and  karmadhipati Saturn in kodund rashi (Sagitterius) 6/8 from mahadasha lord Moon and anterdasha lord Rahu respectively . So we all know huge promises by Narendra Modi  in during the elections campaign of 2014 are now proving to be false. The  fulfillment of promises like bringing back black money from abroad, creating 100 smart cities, cleaning the river Ganga like Tames river of London etc.  only became ‘chunavi jumla ‘ ( an election rhetoric) .

The 9th hose also karaka of judiciary and 3rd house karaka of communication media and as we discuss earlier Rahu transit in 3rd house both the two pillar of democratic country started stumbling since last 4 year of Modi rule.  The ruling BJP has has influence over both the sector which is not beneficiary for people of democratic country .
Jupiter the karkaka of wisdom , Judiciary , Dharm Guru etc  is in the  in 6th house which is the  house of Vikara ( poisonous thoughts)  struggling ,Rahu in 1st house , Jupiter transit in Libra rashi from the  6th house this year so time to time disclosed character of so called dharma guru’s . Although  luckily still real Darma Guru are there in India
But they are stay away from politician and media and  difficult to find hopefully situation become better soon in months to come.

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